• Hello and welcome to World History and Civic Literacy!

    My name is Danielle Spencer (Eanes is my maiden name) and I am so excited to teach you this year.


    You can access our Course Standards here: 

    Civic Literacy Calendar and Essential Standards

    World History Calendar and Essential Standards


    Please feel free to reach out if you need anything:


    336 605 3300, ext. 1715


    My class and WIN schedules:

    Bell Schedule-

    1st Period World History

    2nd Period World History

    3rd Period Planning

    4th Period Honors Civic Literacy

    5th Period Honors Civic Literacy

    6th Period Honors Civic Literacy


    WIN Schedule-

    Monday Honors Civic Literacy Tutoring

    Tuesday General Workspace/Study Hall

    Wednesday World History Tutoring

    Thursday PLC (not available)

    Friday General Workspace/Friday Fun Day