• Mr. Cline
    About Me

    I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  I began my teaching career 31 years ago at Benjamin Banneker High School in South Fulton County, in the southernmost part of the city of Atlanta.  After ten years as a high school English teacher, I went into administration for the next 18 years, living in Cincinnati, New York, New Orleans and Philadelphia, before coming to Greensboro. I have a degree in English with teacher certification in English 7-12 from Georgia State University, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the same institution. I have worked in public, charter, independent, Jewish and Catholic schools.  While those schools might sound very different, they really have more in common than what seems different about them.

    I believe that my job as an educator is to help students discover and inhabit their success.  I believe that hard work is more important than talent. I believe that we will all encounter obstacles to our success, and each obstacle we overcome makes it  easier to overcome the next one based on what we have learned from our previous successes.


    What will we Do This Year?

    We will read a good deal, write as much, make presentations, converse and share perspectives and ideas.  These are all skills that you will need throughout life, and the higher levels that you can operate at in each of these domains opens you to more possibilities.  The research shows that these skills — just like athletics, dance, music,  and other skills — increase, deepen, and improve the more we practice them.  There is nothing magic about it; it’s just hard and thoughtful work.




Mr. Cline