• Welcome to Service Learning!

    Getting Started: 

    If you don't know where to go to create an account, watch this short video.  


    If you are looking for opportunities that already exist or are told to log hours by your teacher, you can log into x2vol and look under the Opportunities tab. Once you find the opportunity you are looking for, you will click on it.  To add hours, go to the tab, my activities. The video below also shows step by step how to do this. 

    If you would like to find your own opportunity, make sure of the following:


    • Before you begin an individual service learning project, remember you MUST first get pre-approval.  To do that, fill out this service learning approval form
    • Service learning must include a LEARNING component and not just volunteering
    • You can do Service Learning at some places that operates for a profit BUT make sure to get approval FIRST from Mrs. Hudson
    • Service Learning can NOT be teaching or presenting information about a religious organization (ex. nursery worker at church, VBS, etc.)
    • Service Learning can NOT be for a political organization


    Once you have gotten your project approved, you may start logging your hours in x2vol

    Things to remember:

    • You MUST have the hours verified by the supervising person before hours will be approved. 
    • You MUST complete a thoughtful reflection for every entry. 
    • Hours can NOT be verified by a family member. 


    For more information about Service Learning or to access the Service Learning handbook, go to the GCS Service Learning website

    If you have specific questions, contact Mrs. Hudson hudsonk@gcsnc.com

  • Service Learning Requirements:

    To receive a Service Learning Diploma and a cord to wear at graduation students must earn 200+ hours of service learning. 


    To receive a Service Learning Exemplary Learning Award, students must earn 100-199 hours of service learning. 


    To receive a Service Learning Honor Award, students must earn 70-99 hours of service learning


    Below is a video demonstrating how to navigate x2vol for finding opportunities, entering personal projects and logging hours. 

  • Ideas for places to do Service Learning:

    While I will be providing a few opportunities throughout the year, at the high school level it is largely YOUR responsibility to find Service Learning Opportunities.  

    Each of these places/organizations would qualify for Service Learning, but most are not listed in x2vol-- you will have to submit a Southern Guilford Pre-approval form.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact these places if you would like to participate in Service Learning. 

    *These are just suggestions and resources, and are not affiliated with Guilford County Schools.



    e-Buddies promotes social inclusion online for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In e-Buddies, people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome, come together online to form friendships and a community that celebrates their diversity of character and abilities.


    This site has lots of opportunities and ideas to start your own volunteer/advocacy projects.


    guilford youth council

    contact them to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities


    Greensboro Parks and Rec.

    There are various opportunities for teens to volunteer on this site

    Greensboro History Museum


    Greensboro Children's Museum


    Horsepower: Engage the power of horses and help others

    Volunteers for "side walkers" as well as Barn Help & Administrative tasks at HORSEPOWER, a camp for people with disabilities.


    Breakfast 4 Our Friends

    Encourage positive community engagement and foster a welcoming environment by Helping to serve breakfast to those who are in need.


    The Volunteer Center of the Triad

    This site has a variety of opportunities.  The Volunteen Center  is part of the Volunteer Center of the Triad geared specifically to teens. 



    Blood Drive- American Red Cross    You must be 16+ to volunteer here


    The Barnabas Network


    Habitat for Humanity—some of the volunteer activities you have to be 18+ so check with the organization before signing up

    Greensboro https://habitatgreensboro.org/volunteer/

    High Point  https://www.habitathp.org/volunteer

    YMCA (16+ can volunteer to coach)


    Or, look up the closest YMCA to you and ask how to volunteer to coach—they ALWAYS need help!