Welcome 2024 from the School Counseling Corner

  • Career Counseling

    Guilford Country promotes career awareness beginning in kindergarten.

    This semester we will explore personality types and traits along with career considerations.


    Small Group Counseling

    For parents responding to small group counseling in areas of 



    Absent Parent

    Anger Management

    Extreme Shyness

    We will begin meeting the week of January 22 for 4-6 weeks.


    Home Tips and Tools for Students with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity

    A timer is your best friend to give a physical reminder of time and completion.

    For those who respond to positivity over criticism (most of us), either a chart noting successful completion or simply a verbal praise, - "You got ready to leave when I said it's time to stop playing, and I'm proud of your listening ears that paid attention!" reinforces the child's correct choice. 

    Examples of positive productive reinforcing statements.

    "You are getting better each day at paying attention."

    "You choose to focus and listen when I speak to you. Congratulations" 

    "Be proud of yourself that your ears and your brain are working together to become a very good listener."

    "You have amazing focus at things you love to do.  You are learning to apply that focus to things that are less fun.  I'm proud of you for that."

    "I like the way you repeat after me what needs to happen so I know you know:


    "I will work ( 3-5-10) minutes on homework until buzzer goes off and then take a ___ minute stretch break."

    " When you give me a 2 minute warning it is time to stop, and the final warning it is time to stop, I will prepare to stop."


    Do not reinforce intentional procrastination  with repeated warnings or reminders. This helps children learn they do not have to respond the first-2nd-3rd... time.

    It teaches them that you are responsible for their things and removes them from responsibility.

    Natural consequences of missing a meal, missing an activity, missing homework completion,  going to school without the snack in the bag... teaches something real life teaches us every day!- that there are natural consequences when we do not plan, or pay attention, complete, or ignore information given to us.

    A.D.D children (and adults) can have very active and creative minds, with a successful ability to multitask and meet deadlines.  We do not want them thinking this label gives them permission to wiggle out of expectations.    Children are brilliant thinkers!    They want to do what they want to do.  They learn very quickly what to say to get their way.    I know that from personal experience with my first born son! Do not let a child commandeer a situation.  It is so easy to give in because they wear us out and we are exhausted by the conflict and resulting temper tantrums.    Keep your cool and hold strong to expectations of completed homework (with a timer) and other tasks at home.  With consistency, your child will know you mean what you say.   

    When we say one thing, but do another, that is a loudspeaker to a child's thinking that your words do not mean what they say. It actually trains a child not to listen.

    The biggest challenge in the universe?   Being a parent!


Lori Sugarman
Can and Can't
  • Greetings!

       I'm Lori Sugarman, Jamestown Elementary's new school counselor this year.  I am happy to be back in my hometown of Greensboro where I went to Claxton, Kiser, Grimsley, Guilford College and UNCG.   

       So proud of my three children, now all in their 30's, who live in Atlanta.  I like to say I survived teenagehood 3 times.  You will too!

       For the past 15 years, prior to this year's move to NC,  I've maintained a private pediatric counseling practice to help children overcome poor self-attitudes, high levels of anxiety, and habits that interfere with productive growth.  I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with about 400 students a week at Jamestown Elementary and openly discuss areas of social and emotional development.

       For fun I love to draw, illustrate, write poems and write children's short stories.  We draw a lot in guidance class because many students say, "I can't."  It reinforces that  practice builds skill  along with the practice of saying "I can" or "I can learn" or "I can become better at anything with practice." 

       I love sports, basketball, tennis, biking, yoga, hiking and soccer.  My mother, Barbara Blum, is in the NC Soccer Hall of Fame for bringing youth soccer to NC in the 70's before a soccer field existed.  She taught me if something doesn't exist for your children, make it happen.


    Time with Students

    • I am fortunate to meet with every classroom and every student on a weekly basis and help students sort through social-emotional trials, turmoil and growth. 
    • When students complete our discussions and a tabled activity, they are invited to stretch on the shaggy blue carpet with one of  many books I have available for all reading levels.
    • Sometimes, students build or do puzzles with each other to teach cooperation and collaboration.
    • Through conversation, mediation, role modeling, student demonstration, partner work and writing exploration, students can learn to have healthier responses to challenging situations.

    Small counseling groups and individual counseling sessions are provided on an as-needed basis.  


    Contact Info

    I invite you to contact me with any concerns regarding your child you want to discuss.

    Email:  sugarml@gcsnc.com

    Call:    336- 819-2110 and ask for Ms. Sugarman.  The ideal time to reach me is 7:00-7:45 or 2:15-3:00 pm M-F.