To increase the success of all GCS students through effective mental health services.



    The Mental Health Department strives to increase student success through education, prevention, and intervention with quality substance-use and mental health services.


    What is Mental Health?  

    • Mental health is an important part of overall health and well-being 
    • Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. 
    • It affects how we think, feel, and act 
    • Determines how we handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices 
    • Mental health is part of overall strength and wellness 


    What is Mental Illness?

    • Conditions that affect a person’s thinking, feelings, mood or behavior 
    • Depression 
    • Anxiety 
    • Schizophrenia 
    • Bipolar Disorder 
    • PTSD


    What is trauma? 

    Trauma defined by SAHMSA is “Events or circumstances experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life-threatening, which result in adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and well-being. 



    What is Behavioral Health? 

    Behavioral health is the scientific study of the emotions and behaviors related to a person’s mental well-being. Their ability to function in everyday life and their concept of self. A person struggling with his or her behavioral health may face: 

    • Stress 
    • Depression 
    • Anxiety
    • Relationship problems 
    • Grief  
    • Addiction 
    • ADHD  
    • Or learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other psychological concerns