• Mental Health Coordinators are available in Guilford County Schools to provide assistance and support to students and schools.

    Mental Health Brochure

      Student Support

    • Connect and collaborate with community providers to identify resources to support GCS students, staff and families
    • Assist with student enrollment by supporting students new to GCS - whether entering from group home, psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF), or Youth Development Centers (YDC)
    • Available to conduct observations and assist students, school staff and families problem solve when addressing student issues and concerns

     School Support

    • Provide school visits, consult via phone, and attend parent/school meetings to support school staff and administrators in addressing the mental health needs of students
    • Collaborate with school staff and administrators when determining the most appropriate setting for students with significant mental health needs
    • Serve on the GCS Mental Health Collaborative Team that monitors the referral process for day treatment at Building Futures, Crossroads and Mell-Burton.
    • Attend transition meetings for students leaving GCS day treatment programs (listed above)
    • Assist in planning, coordinating and/or facilitating professional development for school-based staff and community members to better support GCS students and families

     Community Support

    • Facilitate the process between schools and community-based mental health providers serving students during the school day
    • Serve as liaison with community stakeholders and agency representatives providing social and emotional supports for children and families
    • Serve as district-wide crisis team members to support schools by bringing comfort to students, staff, and families during a crisis or following the death of student or school staff
    • Work collaboratively with Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, group homes, and parents to support students transitioning into Guilford County Schools within the district and to alternative settings
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