• Interrupting the cycle of poverty. Fueling our workforce.

    With our partners. GCS offers free certification courses for parents in high-skill, high-wage careers. The ultimate goal — helping our students thrive. 

    Guilford County has higher poverty and food insecurity rates and a lower median family income than most North Carolina counties. With an infusion of pandemic recovery funds, GCS had an opportunity to do something about that. The Dual Generation Workforce Initiative provides our families the chance to break the cycle of low-wage work and brighten the outlook for their children’s future.



    Knowing our students means getting to know families and the challenges they face.

    Students are part of a family — being there for them means being there for their parents and guardians. That’s how we support student achievement and the whole child. Close connections help us better understand how to use our unique position as a public school system to help families thrive. We’ve seen great success through the Dual Generation Workforce Initiative. Adults are able to earn more money, work fewer jobs, embark on a career and begin to build the kind of generational wealth that changes the trajectory for their children. 

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  • Proof of our progress

    # graduates of the program. # job placements. A lifetime of change. Read the data that shows DGWI is working — for our parents, for our students and for our community.

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  • Partnerships

    Public schools are a natural connector of resources and partners that we bring together to support student success. Our partners help us build out a vision for free parent training in high-skill, high-wage careers — a mission we love to share with our community. 

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  • Brenda and Sons

    Breaking through. Building up.

    School communities have always pushed up our sleeves and worked together to make things happen for students. As educators, we welcome all children each morning, guide them through each day, and send them into the world more confident and prepared. By helping change the story of poverty for their families, they’ll have a better starting place and be able to set big goals for themselves with the expectation that they can achieve them.

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  • When funding and the right partners come together, the solution is right in front of us. roof of our progress

    The projected growth of North Carolina technology jobs in the next year is more than 8,000. Meanwhile, the projected impact of a high-skill, high-wage career for GCS families at the poverty level is transformational. When DGWI launched, GCS had hundreds more interested parents than people we could place into the program — along with requests for certifications in nursing, truck driving and more. We’re on to something, and we can’t stop now.

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  • An investment that builds our workforce and fuels our economy. 

    And, most importantly, supports our students. As North Carolina emerges as a leader in technology, DGWI graduates are emerging as leaders for their families — and everybody wins.

    Let’s keep the momentum going.
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  • The case for DGWI

    Dive into our Powerpoint presentation, which provides rationale for continuing this important work and why we need private and public funding to support this transformational initiative.

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