• 7th Grade Social Studies Units.

    • Unit 1 - Global Empires
    • Unit 2 - Connectivity and Trade
    • Unit 3 - Revolution and Resistance
    • Unit 4 - Impacts of Global Industrialization
    • Unit 5 - The Consequences of Imperialism
    • Unit 6 - Global Conflicts and International Peace
    • Unit 7 - Innovation and International Competition
    • Unit 8 - The Global Age


    Student Expectations 

    • Students are expected to complete assignments by the due dates provided by their teacher.  If you experience technical problems or login trouble, please contact your teacher immediately. Remaining quiet if you are having difficulties is not an acceptable excuse for not completing work. I am here to help you, at all times. I will respond to all questions, and help you to the best of my abilities.
    • Students will create a notebook as a reference for all social studies topics taught this year.  The notebook will include a table of contents, guided notes, graphic organizers, work samples, strategies, etc.  There will be notebook checks on Fridays for a quiz grade.  Please make sure to bring this notebook to class, virtual or in-person, every day.

      • It has been my experience that students will require 3 Social Studies Notebooks for the year. 1 notebook should be enough for 3 Units. This can obviously vary depending on the writing style of the student. 
    • Stay organized!  Get a planner!  Use it!  Write down due dates, meeting times, etc.
Mr. Milani