• AIR FORCE JUNIOR RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS (AFJROTC) MISSION:  "Develop citizens of character." We accomplish this by educating cadets on basic life skills while promoting community service, responsibility, character, & self-discipline.

    AFJROTC strives to 'Improve the citizenship of all cadets by promoting Teamwork, Moral and Family Values, Ethics, Bearing and Behavior through Self-Discipline while using Good Judgement in Life.'


    Congress established the Junior ROTC under the National Defense Act of 1916. Certain requirements as stipulated by Congress under U.S. Code: Title 10, Section 2031 must be satisfied in order to participate in a JROTC program.

    The criteria for determining eligibility to participate in Air Force Junior ROTC are:

    •  Be enrolled in and attend a regular course of instruction in grades 9 through 12 at a school hosting the unit.

    •  Be selected by the Air Force Junior ROTC instructor with the approval of the school principal or his/her representative.

    •  Maintain acceptable standards of academic achievement and an academic standing that warrants at least normal progression leading to graduation.

    •  Maintain acceptable standards of conduct.

    •  Comply with specified personal grooming standards. Common sense and good judgment apply to the attainment of these standards. Standards will not be relaxed so as to reflect disgrace on the United States Air Force.

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