• Welcome to the Signature Career Academy of Advanced

    Manufacturing & Engineering at Smith High School!

  • The Manufacturing & Engineering Team 

    Valerie Akins - Interim Principal

    Daylonda Lee - Assistant Principal

    Lorraine Marshall - Academy Counselor

    Jacqueline Mingo - College & Career Manager

    William Reece - Academy Lead Teacher/Manufacturing

    Vernita Hill - Academy Teacher/Engineering

Academy Emblem
  • Ben L. Smith Academy of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering provides students with a specialized education focused on the principles and practices of advanced manufacturing and engineering.  The academy aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary for careers in these fields, preparing them to meet industry demands and contribute to technological advancement and innovation. Regionally and nationally, employers are reaching out to schools to help fill jobs that require technical skills. Smith High is partnering with local businesses to learn what skills need development while building working relationships to mutually benefit both the student and local business.

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