• Mr. Teddy Wohlgemuth

    Thank you for visiting the Jesse Wharton Elementary School website. I am honored to be appointed to serve as the principal of Jesse Wharton Elementary. Jesse Wharton has a strong tradition of excellence in providing an environment where all students can achieve their full academic, social, and personal potential! The tradition of excellence is a testament to the outstanding teachers and staff that are here at Jesse Wharton. I look forward to partnering with our community; parents, teachers, and community members to make sure that we work collaboratively to ensure our students are prepared for their transition to middle school. 

    It is essential that we work together to not only ensure our students are academically prepared for success, but that we cultivate our students into demonstrating strong character, having a deep sense of individual responsibility, and being good citizens who strive to help other Giraffes!!          

    We hope you join us in making a commitment to continuing the tradition of excellence at Jesse Wharton Elementary School.