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  • The Division of Accountability, Research and Planning  

    Accountability, Research & Planning Departments 

    Data Analytics & Support

    • Works with schools, teachers and staff from across the district to interpret multiple data sources to improve student achievement and analyze/display data in meaningful ways.  
    • Trains and provides other support to staff.
    • Manages the EVAAS system for school administrators and district users.
    • In coordination with Student Information Dept., manages district's data dashboards. 

    Research & Evaluation 

    • Coordinates and manages state and federal accountability programs in GCS. Interpret legislation, policies and guidelines governing accountability programs; ensure that information about accountability programs is communicated to school and district personnel; and manage data collections.
    • Interprets, analyzes and reports data from various sources; responds to requests for data and reports; and provides consultation and technical assistance to school personnel, district administration, and others.
    • Responsible for program evaluations in the district. Design surveys and other data collection instruments to determine the effectiveness of various educational programs in GCS.
    • Collaborates with internal and external researchers to review research projects for approval and monitors study activities within GCS.

    Assessment Coordination

    • Implements the North Carolina Testing Program.
    • Trains, supervise, and monitors school staff assigned to testing programs.
    • Providing technical assistance on test administrations.
    • Oversees the district's interim assessment program.


    Planning Department  


    Student Information Department    

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    501 W. Washington Street

    Greensboro, NC 27401

    Fax: 336-370-2340 


    Dr. Akisha Osei Sarfo

    Chief Performance Officer

    The Division of Accountability, Research and Planning 


    Dr. Judy Penny

    Executive Director of Accountability and Research

    Phone: 336-370-8323  


    Amber Davis

    Program Administrator II

    Phone: 336-370-8324

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