Bienvenidos a la Escuela de Kirkman Park! Welcome to Kirkman Park Elementary School! Thank you for choosing Kirkman Park to meet your child’s learning and social needs. The staff, students, and community share enormous pride in the school's diversity, commitment to academic excellence, and expectations for success. 

    We serve approximately 300 students in a public, pre-K thru 5th grade setting. Our small size allows us to offer a unique experience for each student. Our pre-K classes provide opportunities for our youngest students to learn, think, explore, create and perform in creative ways that prepare them for successful kindergarten entrance.

    Our Spanish Immersion magnet program gives students an opportunity to complete the district curriculum by immersing them in the Spanish language and culture from kindergarten through 5th grade. Students in the program become proficient in both Spanish and English, while learning the same curriculum content as their peers. Students who are bi-lingual often have higher language and mathematics assessment scores. Studies have shown that learning to speak another language enhances the creative center of the brain as well.

    Our traditional curriculum is every bit as special. Our teachers have embraced the Common Core State Standards and are engaging students in education that is as rigorous and provides them with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in school and the years ahead. We firmly believe that character education is as pertinent as mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. We take great pride in teaching our young students how to be great citizens, great students, and great friends to each other.

    Finally, our location near High Point University allows our students access to that beautiful campus and supports collaboration that enhances academic enrichment and support. Partnerships with High Point University include our annual Math & Science Day, also called π Day and professional development to further engage students’ creative thinking using Legos EV3 Robotics and Legos Story Starter Kits. 

    Thank you for your interest in Kirkman Park Elementary School. Thank you for being a member or choosing to become a member of the Kirkman Park family and helping to make our students’ highest aspirations possible! If ever you need to contact me, please feel free to email me at crawfoj@gcsnc.com, or call me a 336.819.2905. 

    With Warmest Regards, 

    Jamal A. Crawford, Ed.D.