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  • About the Library Program

    Our Mission:  The mission of the School Library Media Program at Sternberger Elementary is to help students and staff members to become lifelong readers and learners and to ensure that they can effectively locate and use information and ideas, regardless of format.

    What We Do:  The school library media center (SLMC) acts as a resource center for curriculum content and pleasure reading. With the classroom teacher, the school librarian teaches students information and technology skills -- how to locate and use information -- as well as other skills that pertain to reading and literature.  To do this, the librarian works together with classroom teachers and other staff members.

    The Goal of Flexible Access:  The school library media program's goal is to operate by a system of flexible access so that students and staff members have access to the teaching and support services of the librarian and to the library media center facilities and resources when they need them. In a system of flexible access, instructional or class time in the library media center is determined by the learning objectives set by the teacher and the media specialist rather than an arbitrary time slot. Instruction is provided to individuals, small groups, and large groups in order to best meet the needs of students.  Currently, we operate on a partially fixed-partially flexible system of access.

    In addition to providing support in the use of instructional and information technology, the school library program promotes the skill and enjoyment of reading in the development of independent, lifelong learners.