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    Welcome to the Parkview Village library page!

    My name is Mrs. Higginbotham, you can call me Mrs. H, and I am the media specialist. I am sure you already guessed it, but I LOVE to read. I hope that you will enjoy visiting the media center and even more, that you will fall in love with reading. Don't forget, you can also visit our media page to check out e-books without even having to come to school!! Reading has this amazing ability to take us everywhere, even if we can't go anywhere. Hope to see you soon. 

    Mrs. H

  • Reading can take you....

    On a Magic School Bus into the earth...

    magic school bus book

    Into a land of magic and adventure...

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    To become the hero you never knew you were...

    Hero by Mike Lupica

    To where you become best friends with an elephant and a pig

    Elephant and Piggie book

    Where will YOU go next?