• As Juniors and Seniors, students have the opportunity to take courses at the university level--with real university professors in a university atmosphere--in one of three tracks. Students may choose to enter tracks focusing on biomedical engineering, renewable energy and sustainability, or engineering. The courses students are allowed to take are determined by the track a student chooses during the end of the sophomore year. 

    As a dual-enrolled student, juniors and seniors have the responsibilities of a university student. They are expected to attend class regularly (which includes a daily sign in-sign out in the STEM main office), take advantage of study and tutoring opportunities, and to be self-advocates between university and STEM staff when they find themselves in need of help. 

    We at STEM know this is a tall order for even the most mature 16 year old. To help students succeed at the university level, dual-enrolled students are assigned an advisor who monitors grades and is available for students to meet with in the instances where the student feels he or she needs help. Additionally, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Center for Academic Excellence and departmental tutoring on campus. Study Hall hours are provided for both juniors and seniors.