• PBIS Information
    Positive Behavior Intervention Support

    We will continue to implement the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) process here at Sedalia.  As you may already know, PBIS is a process for developing strategies to improve the social and learning environments for our students.  PBIS focuses on school-wide or common area environments such as the hallway and cafeteria as well as the classroom environment. 

    Our students have been taught a set of universal behavioral expectations (Sedalia Tigers are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe)  and rules for our common areas.  Defining our expectations helps us as staff members create a positive climate that focuses on teaching students what it is we want them to do to be successful here at Sedalia.  An important part of this process is a system for recognizing students who then exhibit the appropriate behaviors.  Here at Sedalia, we have developed the Tiger Ticket System which is our school-wide acknowledgement and encouragement plan. 

    We know that teaching students behavioral expectations and then recognizing them for exhibiting these behaviors combined with a system of good teaching contributes to higher student achievement.  In order to achieve this goal, we need your support. Please talk with your child at home about the importance of following the school-wide expectations and common area rules.  You can praise your child if he/she receives one of our Tiger Tickets.