• Rising 9th Grade Registration Information

    The Parent/Student Registration window opens on Saturday, 3/6/2021 and closes on Sunday, 3/14/2021.

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    Class Registration PS Instructions

    Required Course Sequence

    Click here for the GCS 2021-2022 High School Registration book.


    After the Parent/Student window closes, Mendenhall Middle School Counselors

    will meet with all students to review course selections and to complete High School 4-Year Plans.



    Middle School Registration Information

    Please click on the link below for the Middle School Registration book.  Learn more about core and encore classes by clicking on the link to the book and visiting the pages listed.


    Core Language Arts and Math Sequencing and Descriptions begin on page 37.  Guilford County Schools has yet to determine the criteria for placement in core Language Arts and Math classes.  Parents and students will register for classes during the March 6 -14 window, and when criteria are determined, Mendenhall Counselors will check individual student schedules to ensure proper placement.

     Click on this link to access directions for how to register.

    Registration Directions

    6th Grade

    Art (p. 48)

    Intro to Spanish (p.61)

    Exploring Nutrition and Wellness   p.54)

    Computer Science Discoveries I (p.55)

    Exploring Technology (p.55)


    Band (p.48)

    Orchestra (p.49)

    Chorus (p.49)


    7th Grade

    Art (p.50)

    Spanish 1A (p.62)

    Exploring Apparel & Interior Design (p.56)

    Computer Science Discoveries II (p.57)

    Exploring Engineering & Design (p.57)


    Band (p.49)

    Orchestra (p.49)

    Chorus (p.49)


    8th Grade

    Art (p.51)

    Spanish 1B (p.62) **must be enrolled in Spanish 1A in 7th grade

    Exploring Personal Finance & Hospitality (p.58)

    Computer Science Discoveries III (p.59)

    Exploring Technological Systems (p.59)


    Band (p.50)

    Orchestra (p.50)

    Chorus (p.51)



    Counselor's Corner


    2020 - 2021

    Professional School Counselors


    Angela Brown
    6th Grade
    8th Grade Team - Ettefagh, Felix, Khanna, Barton

    Ursula Frison
    7th Grade
    8th Grade Team - Westbrook, Mayhew, Masters, Jones


    At Mendenhall Middle School we believe our counseling department should focus on the entire student.

    For this reason, our counseling and guidance program is developmental and preventive, designed to address the ever-changing intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and career development needs of our students. 

    Our ultimate mission is to make a positive difference in our students’ lives and to prepare them for life-long learning.


    Goals of the counseling department are to help students:

     Demonstrate a positive attitude toward self as a unique and worthy individual.

     Gain life-planning skills that are consistent with needs, interests, and abilities.

     Develop responsible social skills and an understanding and appreciation of being a contributing member of society.

     Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the lifelong process of learning.