• Thank you for your interest in using Mendenhall Middle School's facility.


    Please get the following information from the front office. As you complete the information, please notice:

    1. There is a fee for the use of the facility. The fee schedule can be found on the back page of the application, and the monthly schedule is also included.


    2. The copy of certificate of insurance and a check for the full fee amount, made out to the Guilford County Board of Education, must be submitted with this application to the front office. All three items (application, copy of certificate of insurance, and check) must be submitted before the application will be reviewed.


    3. If the facility is available for use during the requested time, your application will be submitted to the Facilities Department of Guilford County Schools for final approval. If not, the application, copy of certificate of insurance and check will be returned to you.


    4. When final approval is granted, you will be contacted by the school. Please allow two weeks for this process. You must wait for this approval before using the facility.


    5. After using the facility, please leave the premises, including fields and parking lots, in a clean, neat and orderly manner. The Guilford County Schools Policy KG. Community Use of School Facilities, can be found on the GCS website under "Policies."


    Thank you for your cooperation.