Social Worker

    My name is Jean Wegger and I am the school social worker for Mendenhall Middle School. I am at Mendenhall all day on Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday mornings.

    My Contact Information

    Email: Weggerj@gcsnc.com

    School Phone Number: 336-545-2000

    GCS Cell Phone: 336-279-3152

    School Social Workers have a specific role in Guilford County Schools. We promote the maximum development of all students by the prevention and/or alleviation of problems that interfere with learning. School social workers help schools to maintain constructive and effective relationships between the home, school and community to ensure that the best possible conditions for learning occur. Linkages are built with parents to encourage them to take a more actively responsible role in the education of their children. We assist in alleviating problems that may interfere with learning. These may include: family dysfunction, homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, family violence, child abuse/neglect, inappropriate behavior, absenteeism, economic deprivation, and lack of understanding of school policies and programs.

Mrs. Wegger, School Social Worker