Once upon a time there lived a group of children in the magical land of Colfax. 

    Some were small and young and full of wonder.  Some were older and wiser. 
    Some were full of laughter and mischief.  But all of the children had one very important thing in common. 

    They were members of a royal family.  Once a week, they gathered together within Castle Colfax. 
    Under the protection of a fierce dragon, here they quested for knowledge and adventure. 

    And they lived happily ever after!


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  • Red doors leading to library from hallway

  • mirror and dragon over bookcase displaying school memorabilia

  • whiteboard that says Welcome to Castle Colfax, carpet, projector, dragon, bookcase, and desk with computers

  • poster that looks like a scroll and says "Media Center Medieval Castle Makeover Volunteers" with a list of names and a viking picture

  • desks with computers below a wall displaying the rules and castle decorations

  • castle arches, windows, bookshelves, and library tables with books

  • bookcases with wood rug and log and mushroom seating

  • castle arches, bookcases, and table displaying books inside school library

  • dragon statue perched on top of castle arches

  • bookshelves and desks next to television and forest tapestry

  • Drawbridge inspired red doors leading from library into hallway with bookcases

  • head of red dragon statue

  • Unicorn statue on books beside egg statue and fox banner

  • About the Media Specialist

    My name is Marjorie Whitlock Runyon.   I hold a bachelor's degree in elementary education from West Virginia Wesleyan College, and I am a graduate student in the Master of Library and Information Science at UNCG Greensboro.  I've been lucky enough to teach at Colfax Elementary for my entire career.  I have experience in both fourth and second grades.  I became the media specialist in January of 2017.  I am passionate about reading, books, technology, and my students!


    School Librarian Mrs. Runyon smiling and holding a stack of books in front of a brick wall