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    My name is ...


    I would like to welcome you all back from your winter break. I hope that you enjoyed your time off, and had a wonderful holiday. We are already a day behind, so be ready to hit the ground running, we have a lot to cover, and little time to do so. I will periodically update this site each week to keep you updated with any announcements as well as assignments, and links to SCHOOLOGY and EDMODO. I will make sure that these classes are unlocked so that you will be able to access them easily. These sites will be where you can get PowerPoints that we did during class, as well as videos(when available) will be accessible as well.

    In my classroom, we are ALL FAMILY, we are only successful when those around us are successful. So let us all work together this semester to help each other out, get our assignments in ON TIME, and have a fun time each class.

Peter Skjaerris