• Welcome to Fairview's Media Center! 


    The focus of our Library Program is to support students and staff in learning and teaching by creating an environment that…

    • Encourages a love of reading and an appreciation for literature;
    • Fosters critical thinking skills to find, evaluate and use information;
    • Facilitates access to quality curricular resources.

    Media Center Goals:

    • Support and encourage students' participation in the Guilford County Schools "GCS Read 30" Reading Initiative.
    • Continually improve the quality of the library collection through purchasing new, relevant, books and other types of publications that students will enjoy reading for pleasure and information

    Battle of the Books:

    • Battle of the Books (BOB) is state-wide competition among schools, beginning for us at the county level. Students compete in teams of 12 (6 students at a time) against other teams in a quiz-bowl style competition answering questions about the books on the designated list. 

      The goal of the BOB competition is to encourage reading and expose students to a variety of quality literature. The game format allows for more interest and excitement while students improve reading skills and broaden their knowledge base and reading choices. Although this is a serious competition, the goal is to have fun and read, not necessarily to win!

      Battle of the books for elementary students in grades 4 & 5.

    Destiny Discover (eBooks)

    Circulation Procedures

    Fall Book Fair 2022



Photo of school library with lego decorations, a bookshelf, and a carpet.