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  •           Hello and welcome to Parkview Village Elementary Expressive Arts Magnet School's Theatre Class! Parkview is an Arts Integration Academy!  What that means is in Theatre Class, I will give you exact instructions or a Theatre Recipe for Success!  My name is Mrs. Edna A. Thompson and I will be teaching Theatre for Kindergarten through 5th grades! I have been teaching for twelve years. This will be my third-year teaching Theatre at Parkview. I have taught Theatre in an extracurricular voluntary fashion for more than thirty years.

              I encourage your support. Together we will achieve more. Let's look forward to a successful year!  I believe failure is not an option and that we will see how our Theatre Recipe for Success will provide support for student success!

Rules, Essential Standards & ClassDojo


    Guilford County Schools uses the North Carolina Essential Standards for Theatre Arts.  The Units we will study in Theatre are different for each grade level.  Please refer to the North Carolina Essential Standards for Theatre Arts for your child’s grade level for more specific details on what you can expect your child to learn in Theatre Class (Theatre Arts Standards)


    I teach using the Learning Focused Instructional Model (a segmented teaching model allowing frequent transitions for the teacher and higher focus for the student) integrated with a Balanced Literacy Approach (incorporates reading strategies while teaching other topics).  This teaching model is used in my class daily to help keep students focused in class while letting your child know a few basic things to expect in class on a regular class day. 


    Theatre is an interactive class where students will be up and down, moving, and performing a lot of dramatic play.  This may involve sitting, crawling, or even lying on the floor.  Dramatic play attire is encouraged.



    Students will review ways to be successful in the Theatre classroom on their first day of Theatre.  My list of things students can “do” and things I “don’t” want them to do are provided below as a guide.



    1. Enter the room orderly, quietly and have a seat.
    2. Write your first and last name and today’s date on all of your papers.
    3. Follow school and class rules.
    4. Plan to participate in Theatre class.
    5. Respect Yourself.
    6. Respect Others.
    7. Respect Property.
    8. Remember you are responsible for your own actions.



    1. Touch anything in the teacher’s area.
    2. Open the cabinets or drawers.
    3. Use the sinks without permission.



    (Please note sequence may change based on circumstances.)

    1. Warning – Goes in ClassDojo
    2. Sign the Behavior Log & Talk with the Teacher (Time Out Optional)
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Office Referral (May occur before parent contact and after four Behavior Log Entries)



    I will keep track of your attendance, and performance in class through classdojo.  Your child will also receive a grade reflecting successful mastery of goals in Theatre Class.  Please follow the link for your child’s class provided on the Theatre Class site.  ClassDojo will take you through the process step by step.  


    All students are expected to participate in class.  ClassDojo points have correlation to your child’s classroom performance and will be used to determine report card scores for Theatre Class.  Students are able to use their ClassDojo points to purchase items in my classroom store as long as they do not have major violations (i.e. sent to another classroom or sent to the office for major disruption).



    Email:  thompse3@gcsnc.com

    School Phone: 336-819-2945, ext. 1638


    ♥  Thanks for allowing yourself to soar into greatness!  ♥

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