• The media center is staffed by Ms. Natalie Stanley (media specialist) and Ms. Karen Atkinson (media assistant).  They are shared with the staff of our sister-school, CJ Greene Education Center.  Media classes at Herbin-Metz are held on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Each class is 30 minutes long and includes the opportunity to share books, to communicate using PECS, Core Vocabulary, and speech-generating devices, and to participate in a hands-on activity.  Additionally, each class has a designated 'book time' to come into the media center and select books independently, share read alouds, and participate in other activities.

    The media staff may be contacted by email or by phone.


    The school library media program strives to ensure that students, teachers, and staff are effective users of ideas and information.


    • To teach information literacy through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum.
    • To collaborate with teacher to use appropriate resources that address curricular needs and learning goals.
    • To instruct students and staff in the effective use of the media center and its resources.
    • To provide physical access to an organized collection of diverse resources that represent a wide range of subjects, levels of difficulty and formats.
    • To provide resources that enrich and support the instructional program and represent a variety of interests, experiences, cultures, religions, and points-of-view.
    • To maintain a facility arrangement that meets teaching and learning needs.
    • To advocate and promote reading and life-long learning through motivational activities.