About Us

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    825 Washington Street

    High Point, NC 27260


    336-889-4841 (fax)

    Mr. Howard Stimpson, Principal

    Office Hours:  Monday-Friday (8:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.)

    Student Hours:  Monday-Friday (9:20 a.m. - 4:20 p.m.)


    Penn High School and Griffin Middle School merged in 2003 to become Penn Griffin School for the Arts. A district magnet school, we offer traditional core courses along with elective classes in eight different arts disciplines: orchestra, band, chorus, classical guitar, piano, dance, theatre, and visual arts.

    Penn-Griffin School for the Arts learning community is committed to being a premiere 6-12 school for the arts by working together. We are constantly challenging our potential, nurturing responsibility, celebrating diversity, and modeling lifelong learning. 


    The Arts Program

    In addition to traditional core courses, Penn-Griffin School for the Arts offers elective classes in eight different arts disciplines: orchestra, band, chorus, classical guitar, piano, dance, theatre, and visual arts.  Unique to Penn-Griffin is the opportunity for students to journey through the arts in one school from sixth through twelfth grade.  The arts program is designed to allow students to explore multiple arts areas in sixth grade and then choose an area as their arts concentration in seventh and eighth grade.  Upon entering the high school grades, students must audition in their arts concentration.  The high school students continue formal study in their art in a supportive environment with other students who share their passion and love for the arts. 

    How do I get to go to Penn-Griffin?

    Middle grade students (6-8) come to Penn-Griffin through an application process that takes place in the spring of each school year.  After filling out and turning in the application, a lottery system is used to place students in the school.

    High school students (9-12) must audition to attend Penn-Griffin.  The audition process includes a written application, short interview, demonstration of ability level in selected arts area and teacher recommendations.  Audition dates are announced each January for the following school year.

    The Faculty

    The Penn-Griffin faculty and staff participate regularly in arts integration workshops and training sessions.  Unlike traditional schools, there are full-time arts teachers for each of the eight arts disciplines at Penn-Griffin.  In addition to being certified educators, these teachers are also working professionals in their individual areas.   

    Penn-Griffin has also established collaborative relationships with local universities.  Students from these universities serve as mentors, classroom assistants, and volunteers at Penn-Griffin.  These partnerships not only enhance the lives of the students at Penn-Griffin, but the college students as well, who have the opportunity to further their love of the arts by experiencing it with the next generation.

    Together, the entire faculty works to provide a public school for the arts that offers the best possible education and prepares students to become life-long patrons and participants in the arts.