School sign
  • Principal: Tiffani Ingram

    School Hours: 7:00-2:10

    Office Hours: 6:50-3:30

  • James Y. Joyner was superintendent of Public Instruction around the turn of the 20th century and fought for the public school system. Our school was named after him for his varied accomplishments. Built in 1955, Joyner had to have some welcome renovations. In 1993, a 7,000 foot addition was made, creating a larger media center, conference room and computer lab. In 1999, we received air conditioning! Joyner has had a varied history. We opened in 1955 housing 1st-6th grade. In the 1970's Joyner was changed to a 5th-6th grade Junior High School but changed in 1984 to Elementary K-5 curriculum.


    Joyner Elementary is a small sized school that allows students and staff members to form a nurturing learning community. Our Positive Behavior Support Intervention (PBIS) program sets the standards for forming positive, respectful relationships between adults and students.  Students have many adult mentors in the building that encourage them to be their best in all areas.

    School Mascot: Jaguars

    Grade Levels: Pre K – 5

    Average Enrollment: 300


    Average Class Size:

    Pre Kindergarten - 20

    Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades - 20

    3rd, 4th & 5th Grades -  24


    State & District Recognitions:

    2014-2015 NC State School of Character
    2014-2015 PBIS Exemplar School
    2013-2014 PBIS Exemplar School
    2012-2013 PBIS Exemplar School
    2012-2013 PBIS Model School
    2013 School of High Growth
    2011-2012 PBIS Model School
    2010-2011 One of Sixteen Most Improved Schools in Guilford County
    2010-2011 PBIS Green Ribbon School
    2010, 11, 12 State Accountability (ABCs)