About Us

  • Southern Middle Logo

    Southern Guilford Middle School 
    5747 Drake Road

    Greensboro, NC 27406

    Phone: (336) 674-4266

    Fax: (336) 674-4278


    Principal: Tracy Roof

    Assistant Principals: Lorie Rainey

                                         Michael Praylor


    Instructional Hours:

    8:20 am - 3:20 pm 


    Front Office Hours: 

    7:30am - 4:00pm 


    Mission Statement

    Southern Guilford Middle School is committed to preparing students for college and career by providing developmentally responsive yet challenging environment ensuring every student’s right to learn. Students will be empowered with knowledge and skills in order to become productive members of their community.


    "Create A Culture of Excellence."


    This We Believe...

    THIS WE BELIEVE… 1. All students can and must learn. A student should not have the choice to fail. 2. The school staff member/student relationship is the most important factor in contributing to or preventing the student’s success in school. 3. Since success generates more success and failure breeds failure, we have no option, but to assure success for every student and staff member. 4. Every SGMS student and staff member deserves all “A’s”: Affection; Appreciation; and Achievement. 5. “Remediation” is similar to picking students up after they fall down, nursing their wounds and trying to get them back in the “race”. Interventions such as “Acceleration”, “Personalized Instruction”, “Action Plans” and tutoring prior to student failure are similar to “catching them” and preventing their “fall”. SGMS is committed to following the Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) process. 6. A student’s disadvantages or disabilities provide opportunities for growth and success, not excuses for failure. 7. In difficult times, when we are allotted less with which to work, it is our duty to ensure that every student receives our best. 8. Of all the many services and “things” we can provide for students, the most important is HOPE. Simply stated, we do not give up on kids.


    Southern Middle Mascot

    School Spirit


    Our school mascot is the Knight.

    Our school colors are Maroon, Gold, and Black.

    EXCEL Shield


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