• Pleasant Garden Elementary: Welcome!


    Brian Lehman, Principal

    7:20am - 4:00pm, School Hours


    Pleasant Garden Elementary is located in the southeastern region of Guilford County.  Our community is a warm and welcoming one!  Pleasant Garden Elementary serves over 500 students and their families. 

    We strive for excellence in all we do, that is why we SOAR! 



    Frequently Asked Questions about Pleasant Garden Elementary




    Where is Pleasant Garden located?


    Pleasant Garden Elementary is located at 4833 Pleasant Garden Rd., Pleasant Garden, NC 27313.  Please click here to use Google Maps to get driving directions from your location.





    Where is the main entrance to our school?


    Our school's campus can be very confusing,  since we have multiple doorways that look as if they could be main entrances.  When arriving at our school, please turn onto Neeley Rd. (Huff's Gas Station is at the corner of Neeley and Pleasant Garden Rd.), go past the school on Neeley Rd., then make a right onto Appomattox Rd.  Our school's driveway is marked by a large brick Pleasant Garden Elementary sign.  Make a right into the driveway, drive past the soccer field and playground.  There is a small parking area just past our school's flagpole.  Please proceed up the ramp, then take the staircase to our main doors.





    What do I need to do to check in?


    Once you arrive at our main doors, please press the button on the left to call the office.  Someone in the office will greet you.  Please tell them the nature of your visit to our school.  They will unlock the doors, please use the one to the right to enter.  Upon entering, please take a left and go to the office to officially check in. 




    How late is our office open?


    Someone is usually in our main office until 4:00pm.