• Welborn Academy Log

    Deanna Daniel, Principal

    Dereck Sadler, Assistant Principal

    1710 McGuinn Drive

    High Point, North Carolina 27265
    Operational Hours 8:25 am-3:45 pm
    Grades 6-8


  • Welborn Academy of Science and Technology Themes/Programs: Science and Technology

    The school will continue to serve students from its attendance zone and will enroll new magnet students each year. Students will benefit from the integration of science, technology and mathematics throughout the curriculum with a primary focus on literacy, college and career preparation. Instructional practices will be designed to increase engagement, build independence and stimulate higher-order thinking for students. The curriculum augments the Common Core State Standards and Essential Standards for Middle School. Science themes are incorporated throughout each grade level with an emphasis on physical, earth, environmental and life sciences. Science courses will focus on:

    • Sixth Grade Science: Earth Science

    • Seventh Grade Science: Life & Physical Science

    • Eighth Grade Science: Environmental Science

    Students will be exposed to technology themes throughout each grade level, primarily through CTE courses, with an emphasis on:

    • Sixth Grade CTE Courses: Exploring Career Decisions

    • Seventh Grade CTE Courses: Technology, Design and Innovation

    • Eighth Grade CTE Courses: Exploring Business Technologies and Technological Systems

    Actively engaging students in investigating, discovering and applying concepts from all core areas, students will be involved in activities and lessons that include real-world issues through the lens of scientific thinking skills. Support through technology will be integrated to further enhance the building of critical thinking and problem solving with a personalized focus. Students will move toward college and career readiness by engaging in the relentless pursuit of excellence.