• Principal: Angela McNeill

    School hours: 8:00 am - 3:20 pm

Eastern building
  • Eastern Guilford Middle School is located in Gibsonville, North Carolina. The current school replaced McLeansville Middle School in February, 1999. The school site joins Eastern Guilford High School on Peeden Drive and serves students who attended Gibsonville, Rankin, McLeansville and Sedalia Elementary Schools.

    School Mascot: Wildcats
    School Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
    Sports Conference: Triad Conference


    Vision Statement: Eastern Middle School will be a proud community in which young minds can grow to their full potential by eliminating the common barriers that have been constructed by our shared world. Eastern Middle will fulfill this vision by creating a space of equity based in mutual respect, data based emotional and academic support, as well as an acknowledgment and celebration of diversity.

    Our Values: The faculty and staff of EGMS pledges to help students see the possibility for their lives and the opportunities that are available to them. We vow to work relentlessly to empower students to take advantage of these opportunities and to take charge of their futures. As educators, we live our EGMS core values by:

    • Placing OTHERS FIRST and elevating our students above self
    • ANSWERING THE CALL, for high quality planning and instruction,
    • OWNING IT, by truly gathering, analyzing and utilizing data to increase student learning
    • Setting NO LIMITS, on high expectations for each and every student,
    • Demonstrating GRIT, by never giving up on a kid’s future.

    Mission Statement: Eastern Guilford Middle school fosters a school culture deeply ingrained where all students and adults interact to provide an equitable and supportive environment.


    Number of Students: 1024

    • 6th grade: 313
    • 7th grade: 361
    • 8th grade: 350


    Demographic Data:

    5.2% - Asian

    21.6% - Hispanic

    49.9% - Black

    16.7% - White

    6.6% - All Other