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    Welcome to the Mendenhall Band Page!- Mr. Davis- Band Director/Modern Band Teacher

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    MMS Band Mission Statement

    The main goal the music program at Mendenhall Middle School Band is to provide students with an educational experience in music. It is our goal for each and every student to become musically literate. The program emphasizes those skills and concepts that will provide a foundation for life long learning and a unique way of knowing and understanding the world. Therefore, the primary function of the music program is to develop student skills in:

    - Performing a varied repertoire of music

    -  Reading and notating music

    -  Listening to, analyzing and describing music

    -  Evaluating music and music performances

    -  Understanding music in relation to history and culture

    -  Understanding relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts

    Additionally, it is our mission to have a positive classroom environment where students are always treated with respect and dignity and are constantly being encouraged to achieve their best.


    The Mendenhall Middle School Band Booster Club (MMS Boosters) is a nonprofit organization and its purpose is to:

    -   Encourage parental and community support of the music programs

    -  Raise public awareness of the art and beauty of music at our school

    -  Raise funds to supplement music events