Picture of Front of Ragsdale High School
  • Mascot: Tigers

    School Colors: Royal & White  

    School Board Representative: T. Dianne Bellamy Small

    Ragsdale High School Vision

    Ragsdale High School is committed to working together for the success of all of our students so that they will graduate as responsible citizens, career and college ready.

  • Ragsdale High School  

    1000 Lucy Ragsdale Drive
    Jamestown, NC 27282

    Principal James Gibson   gibsonj@gcsnc.com

    School Office Hours 8:30am-4:30pm

    Instructional Hours 9:15am-4:15pm

    The staff of Ragsdale High School is committed to contributing in a positive way to the district's strategic priorities: 

    1. Raise student achievement 
    2. Maintain a safe and orderly environment 
    3. Increase community involvement 
    4. Hire and retain quality teachers, administrators and staff 
    5. Operate effectively and efficiently 

    We chose to focus on raising achievement, maintaining a safe and orderly environment, and expanding service learning and character education.



    History of Ragsdale

    Jamestown was first settled in 1754 by the Mendenhall family. It was a thriving community of craftsmen and had a strong Quaker presence. Education was a prime concern of residents of the Jamestown area from its earliest years. Subscription schools; a free night school for anyone who wished to "read, write and cipher;" a seminary for young ladies; Jamestown Female College, an academy; a law school and a medical school all flourished in the early years.


    In 1885 the Guilford County Board of Education was organized for the improvement of instruction and educational advantages and a public school was conducted at this time in Old Jamestown.


    In 1907 the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a law providing for the creation and maintenance of public high schools in each county. Jamestown Public School, a union school, was built and became the "best equipped school" in Guilford County with dormitories for boarding students. In 1914 the school was destroyed by fire, but a new building was completed the next year. This building now stands in the heart of Jamestown and houses the Jamestown Public Library.

    The school grew steadily and a new high school complex in Jamestown was opened in September 1959. The new high school was named for Lucy Coffin Ragsdale because of her dedication and interest to public school education in Jamestown. The first principal of Ragsdale High School was T.G. Madison, followed by Dr. Steve Dalton, then Dr. Kathryn Rogers.  Mr. James Gibson, the current principal, is only the fourth principal in the history of the school.


    Ragsdale has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1962. Ragsdale was the first high school in Guilford County to receive this recognition.