• Mrs. Byrd's 2nd Grade Class

    HELLO!  My name is Kimberly Byrd.  I am a second grade teacher at Stokesdale Elementary and I LOVE what I do for a living.  I am so privileged to be a part of these young lives, if only for a little while!  Thank you parents for entrusting your precious ones to me :)

    I was born and raised in Bassett, Virginia. My husband, Brian and I began dating in high school and were married a few years after we graduated.  We eventually moved to Greensboro and had 2 sons.  My son, Seth is a sophomore at UNCC and my son Isaac is a junior in high school. We LOVE camping!  We try to go camping as often as possible and enjoy every minute of it!

    Quirky things about me:

    With so many boys in my house, I do like girly things also.  I love to cook, I love all cooking shows, cookbooks, cooking gadgets, cooking websites (allrecipes.com is AWESOME!), cooking magazines, you get the idea!  I love to paint and to dabble in photography (though there is never time)!  I love to organize when there is time.  I like pink, blue, and brown together (stripes or polka dots are great!)  I LOVE anything Christmas, do not be surprised to hear me humming holiday music a little too early in the year.  I love anything miniature (I know it's weird).  Most of all I LOVE MY JOB!

    I am graduate of UNCG School of Education.  I have been in the education industry for over 14 years (teaching preschool and elementary school).  I take great pride in what I do and hope to teach your little ones all the things they should be learning, both academically and socially.  I also try to do this in a fun, creative way to inspire them to want to do their very best.  I am looking forward to a great year and cannot wait to see what we will do together as parents and teacher!


Mrs. Byrd