Welcome to Physical Education!

  • My philosophy when teaching Physical Education is to ensure my students feel safe physically, emotionally, and mentally. Students feeling secure in my class allows them to experiment with different activities/skills they may have never had the chance to perform and may never get to again.

    Another aspect of my philosophy is, teaching students the importance in keeping their bodies healthy. If today's youth can truly understanding what their bodies are capable of doing, that can help leave a lasting impression for their futures as healthy adults. I feel students that understand their bodies allows them to respect themselves more which provides a sense of responsibility when keeping healthy during their lives.

    Lastly, sportsmanship is a huge point in each and every unit in my curriculum. Sportsmanship takes leadership in which it transfers personal responsibility, social development and diversity into a real world settings for the future. Everything they learn in my class with sportsmanship will be used on a day to day basis in life not just sport. I emphasize the importance of accepting others and their ideas and thoughts on a regular basis to ensure youth can work together in a group for a greater good. I love physical activity and everything it can do for today's youth.

Mrs. Bisdee