I have been Stokesdale's school counselor since March 1998. When I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Richmond, I worked as a P.E. teacher and coach (of several sports) at Greensboro Day School. I enjoyed teaching grades 3-12. After two years, I decided to attend UNCG's counseling program to become a school counselor. My first job was at Rockingham Senior High School. As soon as there was an elementary job available in Guilford County, I accepted a position as the school counselor at Florence Elementary School. It was at that school that I realized my niche was working with elementary age children. After five years, I went to work as Director of Counseling and Student Services at Guilford Day School (a private school grades 3-12 for students who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or learning differences.) I worked there for four years and then left to work as a trainer in the corporate world. I loved the new experience of working with and training adults at Cellular One; however, after one year, I began to miss working with children. That is how I landed at Stokesdale.  Stokesdale is my favorite school for two reasons. One reason is the teachers are outstanding, and the second reason is the children are so well behaved and fun to work with. I see myself staying here until I retire in 2022! My credentials include a Master of Education in Counseling and a National Board Professional Teacher Certification. I feel privileged to be working at Stokesdale Elementary, and I hope every child has an excellent experience during their elementary years of education!

    I provide individual counseling, small group counseling, and large classroom counseling. The areas that I am mandated to cover throughout the year include: personal and social development, career exploration, academic development, puberty awareness(for grade 5), and an Anti-Bully curriculum.  Please call me if you want to get to know me or if you want to talk about any concerns you have regarding your child's educational experience!