Media center with books

Claxton Media Center - Mission and Objectives

  • Media Center Mission:

    The focus of our Library Program is to support students and staff in learning and teaching by creating an environment that…

    • encourages a love of reading and an appreciation for literature;
    • fosters critical thinking skills to find, evaluate and use information;
    • facilitates access to quality curricular resources.

    Media Center Objectives:

    • Support and encourage students' participation in the Guilford County Schools "GCS Read 30" Reading Initiative and the Claxton Reading Program. Students will be challenged to read at least 30 minutes a day, thereby increasing vocabulary and fluency as well as building a love of reading.
    • Continually improve the quality of the library collection through purchasing new, relevant, books and other types of publications that students will enjoy reading for pleasure and information. Our Five-Year Collection Development Plan includes genres and specific selections from teachers, students and parents.