• Character Education

    At Dean Pruette SCALE Academy, it is very important that we instill in our students strong character traits.  As a result, we have implemented the Character Education program.  Four days a week, our students begin their day with a Character Education trait that is aligned with Guilford County Schools Character Education Calendar.  We hold open discussions and have the students complete various projects or activities in which they analyze themselves or others who have displayed good character.  We also have implemented an incentive system that provides our students with a reward for exhibiting an overall positive character throughout each week.


    Five Characteristics of a Successful Student

    1. Be Prepared and Responsible (BPR):  Come to class with necessary materials and assignments, take your assigned seat and be quickly engaged in the lesson activities.
    2. Follow Adult Directions (FAD):  Cooperatively follow all adult directions upon initial request.
    3. Be On Task (BOT):  Actively demonstrating attention and focus on the designated instructional activity, cooperative participation and meeting the required expectations.
    4. Always Speak Appropriately (ASA):  Addressing students, staff members and guests with appropriate language, voice tone and level.
    5. Respect Others and Yourself (ROY):  Utilize appropriate physical posture and gestures as well as appropriate physical proximity, and no physical contact with others.