Our PTSA represents every student & faculty member on campus, supporting the Early College at Guilford High School’s tradition of excellence in academics. While the PTSA is an important part of any school, at the Early College at Guilford the PTSA plays an even more critical role in defining and supporting the school community due to our small student body, the small size (in numbers,not heart) of our staff and faculty, and the fact that our student body represents a very large geographic region within Guilford county.  What would happen without our PTSA?
    The PTSA supports a number of activities at the school that need your help.  The parents, teachers, and students work together to welcome new students and families to the school, we host a family dinner in November, work with students to provide a Career Day with Family Career Ambassadors, Prom, Graduation, the Reflections Art program, support for the teachers, and direct support to student clubs and activities.
    We are a volunteer organization, relying on membership dues, an annual donation drive, our family dinner fundraiser, and other fundraising activities that provide services to our community (ie. Attraction Books, local store partnerships) to support the PTSA budget.
    We invite you to join the ECGA-PTSA, get involved in our school community and support the activities of our students
    2018-19 ECGA-PTSA Executive Board
    President:  Nanette Stevens (nanstevens@triad.rr.com)
    Vice-President: Angela Harris (scottandangela@mac.com)
    Secretary: Kristie Johnson (kcj471@gmail.com)
    Treasurer:  Chris Herndon (ctherndon23@gmail.com)
    2018-19 Committee Chairs
    Family Dinner & Silent Auction: Staci Bensel 
    Hospitality Committee: Rama Vishwanatham & Sejal Sheth
    Graduation: Stacy Miller & Jessica Lauten
    Loyalty Cards: Lisa KobrinWear: Anne Loftin and Kate White 
    Membership: Abeba Merga
    Prom: Jessica Lauten & Stacy Miller
    Reflections: Neelam Dua Kumar
    Social Committee: Jessica Lauten
    Student Club Mini Grants: Michele Hunt & Jennifer Moore
    Teacher Appreciation: Jennifer Moore & Michele Hunt