• The Claxton Robotics Club is officially underway! We received a grant from the Office of Naval Research through a program called Seaperch. The program provided us with 10 submarine robotics kits and a bag of tools to complete the build. Students in fourth and fifth grade could apply by answering a few questions along with gaining permission from their parents. More than 90 students applied, so our PTA funded 10 more kits in order for each student to participate.

    Through this program, students learn how to work together to complete a goal. They will also learn some of the different fields of engineering and what it takes to become one and how robots are built and work. Students will meet once a month for an hour and a half, working together, using tools, and constructing their submarine ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The final meeting will allow our students to place the robots in water and celebrate their hard work as they maneuver their robots around. We are extremely thankful to have this opportunity at Claxton and can’t wait to see the outcome at the end of the year.