Morehead students playing violin
  • Expressive Arts Enhance Academics

    From a young age, virtually every child likes to draw, sing, play musical instruments, dance and perform. This innate desire makes Morehead’s expressive arts program an exciting place for children to learn and a natural extension of the things they like most before they enter school. What’s more, research proves that children who are involved in the arts are more successful academically, and Morehead’s record of academic performance supports this research. 

    Expressive Arts at Morehead

    The full-time arts specialists work closely with each other and classroom teachers to ensure that the arts instruction reinforces and expands what students are learning in math, language arts, science and social studies.

    Music, art, drama, dance, violin and physical education compose the school’s expressive arts wheel. Students study each of these art forms for 40 minutes on two consecutive days, then rotate to the next on a continuous cycle. As part of the drama program, every student has the opportunity to perform on stage at least once during the school year.

    Violin is taught, beginning in kindergarten, as a pull-out elective in addition to the regular 40 minute class.

    The many opportunities students have to perform in front of their parents and peers and to attend performances by visiting artists give them invaluable experiences as both performers and as audiences. The self-discipline and confidence they gain through artistic expression carry over to learning in the classroom and in real-life situations.

    Morehead’s goal is not for every child to become a professional artist, but to teach them an appreciation for the arts that will impact their lives in many positive ways.

    The Expressive Arts Defined

    The expressive arts provide students with opportunities to experience art, music, drama, dance and literature through integrated classes. While formal study of the arts at Morehead is taught by full-time specialists in art, music, drama, dance and violin, these specialists work closely with other teachers to help them integrate arts into the total curriculum. Literature is an art form at Morehead, and the stories and books that students read serve as the basis for many of the expressive art activities at the school, especially the drama performances. 

    Arts Academy After School Program

    Morehead’s after school Arts Academy program provides opportunities for students to expand their interests through participation and performance in art, drama, choral music, handbells, recorder ensemble, world drumming, strings/violin, dance, sport stacking, and GO FAR (running club). The school provides all instruments, and the program is free of charge. Parents must provide transportation for the Arts Academy program. Morehead also has an After-school Care Enrichment Services (ACES) program that is open until 6 p.m. Parents must pay a fee for ACES participation.