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    All Students attending Summer workouts must complete the forms below prior to attending a workout. 

    All student/athletes will be checked in to workouts in the stadium parking lot, where you will receive a wrist band upon clearance.

    Summer Workouts are delayed until further notice(with restrictions)

    What do I need for Summer Workouts?           

    Athletic Forms  (all forms must be turned in prior to working out)            


    Football    contact Coach Raynor (raynorm2@gcsnc.com) 


    Volleyball    contact Coach Polk  (polks@gcsnc.com)     


    Women's Tennis    contact  Coach Pegram  (pegramw2@gcsnc.com) 


    Men's Soccer        contact Coach Cornett  (cornetw@gcsnc.com)   


    Cross Country    contact Coach Mack or Coach Blue  (coachmack1101@gmail.com, ramsrun1@aol.com)    


    Cheer  contact  Coach Ragland (ragland@gcsnc.com)   

    Please fill out this form if you are interested in trying out for the NEHS 2020-2021 Cheer team

     Cheer information  (click here for interest form)