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Our Focus

  •       The Freshman Academy is focused on making sure your child transitions to High School as best as possible. We provide communication to you through e-mail, newsletters, our website, school announcements, Parent Assist, etc.  If you are about to enter the 9th grade or are currently in the 9thgrade, please provide Mr. Miller with your e-mail address, and specify whether your child is currently enrolled or will be attending SWHS in the fall of next year. You will receive Freshman Academy newsletters as early as August once you submit your e-mail. You may e-mail him at millerj3@gcsnc.comOne step for you to help assure a smooth transition for your child is to always make sure we have current/updated e-mail, phone numbers, and address.

           Another way Southwest develops our 9th graders is by separating our freshman students as much as possible through core classes, utilizing Freshman Focus class as an avenue to develop learning, character and life skills that a typical High School cannot, building relationships with students, providing special programs to support their needs, providing early in classroom guidance, and by providing close proximity to both the 9th grade counselor and administrator.

           The Freshman Academy is also focused on developing students into “High School Students”. One of the many ways we grow students is through our Long Term Incentive trips.  Each quarter, an off campus incentive trip is planned. The trip is based on a set of criteria to each student must meet in order to be invited to attend. Students are expected to get Cs or better in each of their 4 classes, no disciplinary consequences of any nature assigned by an administrator, no unexcused absences and finally, a certain number of late assignments is not allowed. This criteria may change each quarter, so please make sure you read all newsletters to stay up to date. Trips in the past have included the NC Zoo, the bowling alley, Laser tag/bowling, Rock climbing wall, Corn Maize at Kersey Valley, Movie theatre, and Ice Skating. 


          Please feel free to contact Mr. Miller (millerj3@gcsnc.com) or Ms. Compton (comptoa@gcsnc.com), 9th grade counselor, if you have any questions.


Helpful Reminders!


    The following are some helpful reminders to assist you in your transition into SW High School...

    • Freshman Academy newsletters will be sent once a month to all parents who have provided their e-mail addresses to Mr. Miller. Please e-mail him at millerj3@gcsnc.com if you have not done so already.
    • Attendance in High School is taken each block. Turning in absence/tardy letters to the attendance office within 3 days is a must in order to excuse the absence/tardy. Failing to turn in these letters disallows students to be eligible for quarterly incentive trips, short term incentives, exemption cards, etc.  Review these expectations with your child.
    • Dress code - please take the time to review our dress code with your child.
    • Also - please continue to check the SWHS website for ongoing updates, read the Freshman Academy newsletters thoroughly, and link on the Class of 2021.

    If you would like to be added to a monthly email to receive newsletters and other updates, please complete the link below. 


    SW Student Information for 2020-2021


    We look forward to you displaying an active and positive role in your child's education!

    If there is anything you believe we can do to assist you or your child during this transition, please do not hesitate to share these thoughts with Mr. Miller.