• The Middle College at GTCC High Point

    901 S. Main St. High Point, NC 27260

    (336) 819-4111

    FAX (336) 819-4116


    • Our school Principal is Mrs. Angela Polk-Jones
      Our school Counselor is Ms. Stephanie Preston
    • Our school Social Worker is Ms. Jeletha Porter
    • Our school Treasurer is Ms. Brenda Nealy

    The Middle College at GTCC High Point is an accredited Guilford County high school which accepts 50 students per year, with a staff of 18, and an average class size of 17 students. Our school is comprised of students from all parts of Guilford County, and operates on a block schedule.

    Students are accepted in to our program through a randomized computer selection process. Interested students submit an application and transcript. We are best fit for students who are capable of college-level work, but are not meeting their full potential in their current school. In the case of our rising ninth graders, who have never attended a high school, we are a good fit for students who are looking for an alternative to the traditional high school either because they want to get a jump-start on taking college courses, they are highly interested in our course of study, or they do not enjoy the large school environment and need a smaller setting to meet their potential.

    Our students take rigorous courses taught by Guilford County Schools teachers, offered at the honors level. Grade Point Average is measured on a four-point scale, with one additional quality point offered for honors level classes.

    Aside from the state requirements for graduation, students are given the opportunity to complete up to two years of college credit while in high school. These college courses are taught by GTCC instructors. Our students attend college classes with college students with no special distinction or differentiation of instruction. Grades from college courses are calculated in a student's GPA as an honors course.

    At The Middle College at GTCC High Point, we focus on rigor, relevance, and RELATIONSHIPS. Our students and parents will tell you over, and over again that the staff cares about the students - GENUINELY. We are small enough to know each student by name, and if a student is absent, one of our team members will call all student numbers until he or she speaks to an adult to confirm the student's absence, and to make sure everything is okay. We are involved in our students' lives, and for many of our students this is the factor which makes the difference for them. The majority of our students do much better academically at our school than they have ever done.

    Our faculty, staff, and administration also focus our energy on continuously improving our school, and our data validates our continuous commitment to excellence. Our students are succeeding!