• My name is Mr. Anderson and I have the privilege to be teaching French I and Spanish II. 


    I was born in Rockford, Illinois and moved to Greensboro in 2012.  I graduated from Illinois State University where I studied French and Spanish.  I am Swedish by heritage and very proud of it.  Languages and cultures different than mine have always fascinated me since childhood. 


    I have two miniature dachshunds, Otto and Greta.  Otto is very active.  He loves long, long walks and chasing squirrels.  Greta is more content taking in the sun and smelling flowers.


    I have traveled all over France and was an exchange student for a short while.  I spent a week in Montréal in the providence of Québec.  I went to Mexico when I was a teenager and during Summer Break in 2016 and Sweden for two weeks in the summer of 2018.


    For me, learning a foreign language is giant puzzle.  It is our task to break the code.  Sometimes this task can seem overwhelming, but I assure you it is possible with patience and time.  I am here to help you. 


    If you are experiencing any problems, I ask that you stop by for extra help.  Ten minutes of your time will make a world of difference.  You should be prepared to work, participate and ask questions in class daily.  I will do the same.  Review vocabulary on a nightly basis.


    Now that you know me a little better, I ask that you come to class with an interesting fact about you.  I excited to meet each and every one of you. 


    Please refer to the syllabus for your class for testing procedures, classroom expectations. and grading system.  Click on French I or Spanish II and go to "general info."



    If you would like to e-mail me, please use the link below my picture or you can copy and paste my address.  andersj2@gcsnc.com


    ¡Hasta pronto!  A bientôt!