JES students
  • Jefferson Elementary School is a Postive Behavior Intervention Support, or PBIS, school. This nationally recognized program is a positive, proactive program which puts behavior policies in place in all areas of the school. 

    When all students are knowledgeable of the expectations, they usually respond as directed. Jefferson staff teaches specific behavioral expectations to our students. We put in place a system of interventions to highlight good choices and minimize negative choices. Support for the students will come from administration, teachers, support staff, and parents. Our goal is to provide a safe and happy place for your child to learn. You can find a copy of our school-wide behavior expectations located in the back of the school handbook and at the bottom of this webpage. Please review these expectations with your child.

     Goals of PBIS

    The goals of PBIS is to promote student success by:

    Providing Universal Expectations

    Providing School-wide consistency

    Promoting a positive school climate

    Maximizing a time for student learning

    Celebrating actions of good character and student accomplishments 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of interventions are used to highlight appropriate behavior? Students displaying appropriate behavior are rewarded with an "Eagle Ticket," as a token of acknowledgement. Tickets are collected and regular drawings are held for prizes. 

    As a parent, how can I support my child with PBIS? Ask your child about PBIS and what behaviors they are displaying to earn tickets. Also, model and encourage appropriate behavior at home. 

    How is PBIS implemented? Students are taught specific expectations to be displayed in all areas of the school as well as on the school bus. Behaviors are taught and modeled in the classroom. All staff will hold the same expectations for every student.

    Does a PBIS School follow the GCS Code of Conduct?  Yes, we follow and enforce the GCS Code of Conduct! PBIS is a program to promote positive behavior and learning.  Students are still held accountable for discipline infractions as identified by GCS in the Student Code of Conduct Publication.