• Hello and welcome to my page!

    I am always pleased to help any of you in any way that I can because I want all of you to succeed, not just in my classes, but in life.  Below you will find information about my courses.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Office hours are Wednesday afternoons until 4:30 or by appointment.  I can be contacted by email:brownn2@gcsnc.com.


    I look forward to a wonderful year together!


    English III Honors (Juniors)

    All major assessments: 60%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Homework/classwork: 20% 



    Formal Performances, Tests and Projects 40%

    Weekly participation & quizzes 35%

    Written reflections and classwork 25%



    Spreads/Projects/Tests: 60%

    Daily Grades: 40%


Welcome to my page!  I teach Yearbook, Honors English IV and English III.  My email is brownn2@gcsnc.com