About the Teacher

  • Welcome to 3rd Grade!!

    I am so excited to learn with your child this year! I am teaching the math portion of 3rd grade on an amazing team of skilled teachers! We work very closely with our parents to meet the needs of our awesome students. Our math focus at ORE is the Eureka Program. It is a way of learning MANY strategies to become stronger problem solvers. The program is a scaffold of skills starting in kindergarten. I am in the 3rd year of the program and am amazed at the way our students can solve complex problems using mental math!! 

    I received my degree from the University of NC at Wilmington and still enjoy the beach as my favorite vacation destination! I am in my 24th year of teaching, with most of my experience in kindergarten/1st grade. This is my first year of 3rd grade ... and I LOVE IT! I have earned my National Board Certification twice. I have 2 children: my son attends UNCC as a Junior and my daughter attends UNCW as a freshman. I enjoy all outside activities, with sports being a huge part of my life. 

    Here are more facts about myself in 3rd grade math problems to solve! Have fun!

    My age: 2 X (5 X 5) + 1.

    My birth month: 121 ÷ 11 .

    My birth day: 48 ÷ 2.

    The years I have taught at ORE: (8 X 2) - 2.

    The number of pets I own: 96 ÷ 96. {She is a yellow lab and her name is Sunshine ... or Sunny for short!}


    I love learning and am looking forward to a full year of learning with you!


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