• Why should our family care about Box Tops?


    Box Tops are an easy way for our school to make extra money to support the PTA's efforts to fund "extras" for Jones.  Last year we raised over $1,000 just through Box Tops, and in this economy, we need all the "free" dimes we can get!


    Where do I put them?


    Each homeroom teacher has an envelope in her/his classroom for collecting Box Tops.  A parent volunteer collects the Box Tops periodically throughout the year, or the teachers can take the Box Tops to the larger tubs above their mailboxes or the one outside the school office.


    Volunteering to help with Box Tops means what?


    Volunteers sort through the Box Tops, separating them from other promotions, such as Campbell's soup labels.  The Box Tops are trimmed, and then 50 Box Tops are placed in plastic bags.  Finally, the chair counts the Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops, fills out a computerized form, and mails the Box Tops to receive a check for the Jones PTA.  To save time for our volunteers you can:


    • Cut out the Box Tops as close to the lines as you can (to save on extra costs when mailed)
    • Place your Box Tops in a separate baggie from your other items
    • Write the number of Box Tops on the baggie
    • Place the baggie in the large box outside the office, or hand them in to your homeroom teacher  

    If you do not participate in Box Tops collecting, and we do not expect you to spend extra money on products you do not want for Box Tops, please consider donating $5 - $10 to the PTA instead. Thanks! Ashley Davis, Box Tops Chair



    Your purchase from many major retailers can earn $s for Jones without costing you anything! How?


    Go to btfe.com Sign up to choose Jones School Click on "Earn" & Shop Marketplace" Select the store you want to shop - you'll be connected to their website Shop as you usually would and the store will give a percentage of the sale back to our school Try it. It's easy. Costs you nothing. Can really help our school!