• Murphey Traditional Academy is a Uniform School. Students are expected to wear school uniform daily. The uniform consists of navy blue shorts, pants or skirt and a white, navy blue, red or royal blue collared shirt Monday through Thursday. Girls may wear navy blue jumpers with the collared white, navy blue, red or royal blue shirt and white or blue leggings. Plain navy, red or white sweaters and jackets may be worn as outer wear.

     Friday is Murphey "Spirit" Day. Students are allowed to wear blue jeans and a Murphey t-shirt. Students who do not have a Murphey shirt should wear a white, navy blue, red or royal blue collared uniform shirt with their jeans. Please consult the Murphey Traditional Academy Student Handbook pages 14-15 for complete details on the correct Murphey uniform.

    Parents may purchase uniforms anywhere as long as they fit the school uniform code.