Mrs. Helms Music Teacher


    Expectations for Music

    Music inspires the mind, body and spirit.

    Because music and rhythm is the   basics of the human body, students will be encouraged to participate in   various activities to build confidence and musical ability.  Students   will explore rhythm, instrumentation, singing skills, playing skills, along with   movement and creative thinking skills.  Music should be enjoyable for   all students as they find their strengths in this art form.


    Music is a discipline that assists   students in reading, math and higher order thinking skills.  Music   assists students in achieving higher academic scores.   Literacy,   math skills, science and social studies is integrated into the music   lessons.  This helps to support the common core standards in the   classroom setting.


    All students are allowed to   participate at a level that they find success.  All students are   encouraged to participate in the music activities.


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